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Minix-vmd distribution
Source and binaries of Minix-vmd, an overdressed version of Minix 2.

Minix has continued into the Minix 3 project. Note that Minix-vmd provides mostly a superset of the features of Minix 2.0.4 and earlier and can execute binaries of those Minix (i386) versions. Minix 3 introduced a number of new features of its own such as device drivers that run as separate processes (instead of kernel tasks as in earlier versions of Minix) and new system calls such as select(2).

Minix distributions
Source and binaries of Minix 2, preserved just before Minix 3 development started.

Distributions Source trees
Unpacked source trees of the standard Minix distributions from 1.5 to 2.0.4, and of the Minix-vmd 1.7.0 distribution. Use the raw interface if you want to grab major parts of it, or even single files in a tar(1) wrapper to properly copy time stamps.

Current Minix-vmd tree
The current state of the Minix-vmd source tree. Updated when appropriate from KJB's home machine. Use the raw interface if you get strange idea to upload any of it. (This is not recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing. There are numerous traps and pitfalls waiting for the unwary, like badly tested driver code, or manual pages that are out of sync.)

Current Minix-vmd manual pages
Show the Minix-vmd manual pages that are in /usr/man of this server. Note: This is implemented by a bunch of slow perl scripts that format the manual pages on the fly. The 1.7.0 distribution has its own set of preformatted manual pages.

Raw interface
The raw interface script on this WWW server treats all files as binary goo and allows one to upload entire directory trees. May eat lots of bandwidth if you click on the wrong link!

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