fsck1, fsck1f, fsck2, fsck2f - perform file system consistency check

     fsck* [-aclmprs] [device] ...


     -a   Automatically repair inconsistencies

     -c   Check and list only the specified i-nodes

     -l   List the files and directories in the filesytem

     -p   Automatically repair noncritical errors

     -r   Prompt user for repairs if inconsistencies are found

     -s   List the superblock of the file system


     fsck* /dev/hd4      # Check file system on /dev/hd4

     fsck* -a /dev/at0   # Automatically fix errors on /dev/at0

     fsck* -l /dev/fd0   # List the contents of /dev/fd0

     fsck* -c 2 3 /dev/hd3
                         # Check and list /dev/hd3 i-nodes 2 & 3


     Fsck* performs consistency checks on the file systems which reside on the
     specified  devices.  When  either  the -a or -r flags are given, the file
     system will be repaired if errors are found.  Before running fsck*  on  a
     mounted  file  system,  it  must  first be unmounted.  Trying to repair a
     mounted file system is dangerous and should not be attempted.