ranlib - convert archives to random libraries

     ranlib [ -t ] archive ...

     Ranlib converts each archive to a form which the  loader  can  load  more
     rapidly.  Ranlib does this by adding a table of contents called __.SYMDEF
     to the beginning of the archive.  Ranlib uses ar(1)  to  reconstruct  the
     archive, so that sufficient temporary file space must be available in the
     file system which contains the current directory.

     If given the -t option, ranlib only "touches" the archives and  does  not
     modify  them.   This  is  useful after copying an archive or using the -t
     option of make(1) in order to avoid having the loader complain  about  an
     "out of date" symbol table.

     cc(1), ar(1), make(1).

     Because generation of a library by ar and randomization of the library by
     ranlib  are  separate  processes,  phase errors are possible.  The loader
     warns when the modification date of a library is  more  recent  than  the
     creation date of its dictionary;  but this means that you get the warning
     even if you only copy the library.