uname, arch, hostname - display system info

     uname [-snrvmpkhba] [string ...]
     arch [-pkmhnrvsba] [string ...]
     hostname [-hn] [string ...]

     Uname displays the values of a set of strings describing the system.  The
     options  tell  what  system  values  are  to  be  displayed.  First those
     mandated by POSIX, with example values for Minix-vmd on a 486:

     -s   Name of the Operating System.  (Minix-vmd)
          (Printed by default.)

     -n   The node/network name of the machine.  (dinghy.cs.vu.nl)

     -r   Operating system release.  (1.6.25)

     -v   The particular version of this release.  (0.52)
          (The revision number is concatenated to the version number.  In this
          case  it  tells  you  that the kernel was recompiled 52 times.)  The
          split between release and version number is somewhat arbitrary.  The
          version number is what is often called the "patchlevel."  That's why
          standard Minix 1.6.25 is release 1.6, version 25.

     -m   The name of the machines hardware.  (i486)

     -a   Same as -snrvm.

     Uname lists the values of these options on one line separated by  spaces,
     in the same order as the usage message shows.

     Uname may be given as many arguments as it has options, it will then  try
     to  set these values system wide.  (This time in option order!)  Only the
     super-user may set them, and not even all of them.  Uname may  be  linked
     to different names to change its behaviour, using names that are the same
     as the names of the struct utsname members described in uname(2).   Under
     these new names uname will display only the given string, except for arch
     and hostname that allow more options.

     Minix specific options:

     -p   Name of the architecture, i.e. the binaries that run on it.  (i386)

     -k   Kernel architecture, i.e. minimum machine requirement.  (i386)

     -h   The more casual name for the machine, normally the nodename with the
          domain stripped off.  (dinghy)

     -b   The bus architecture of the machine, i.e. the kind of hardware  that
          your processor is embedded in.  (ibm)

     Use arch -a to see all values.  It shows them  in  the  -pkmhnrvsb  order
     used  by the "hidden directory" system option.  Note that more values may
     be added in the future.


     Uname is normally only linked to arch and hostname.

     Kees J. Bot (kjb@cs.vu.nl)