mkline - fold an alias file, paths file or  mailing  list  into  one-line

     /usr/lib/smail/mkline [ -ltn ] [ file ...  ]

     Mkline takes alias files, path files or mailing list files as  input  and
     produces  output  records containing one complete entry per line with all
     comments and whitespace replaced by zero or one  spaces.   One  space  is
     used  if the concatenation of two tokens would otherwise cause ambiguity.
     For mailing lists, the -l flag should be specified and the output will be
     a  list  of addresses.  Otherwise, the input is assumed to be alias files
     or path files and the output is single line entries, with the key  always
     separated from the data by a single colon character (``:'').

     If no input  files  are  specified,  the  standard  input  is  read.   In
     addition,  if a filename of - is given, the standard input is inserted at
     that point.

     If the -t flag is specified, then an ASCII TAB  character  separates  key
     from data, rather than a colon character.

     If the -n flag is specified, then keys are not extracted from the  input,
     so  that  all tokens pass through unchanged, with comments and whitespace
     still being reduced to the minimum required for unambiguous tokens.

     The -t and -n flags have no effect when processing mailing lists.

     If the file aliases contains:

          Postmaster:       hustead               # Ted Hustead, jr.
          UUCP-Postmasters: tron, chongo          # namei contacts
                            yamato                # kremvax contact
          tron:             tron@namei.uucp (Ronald S. Karr)
          yamato:           yamato@kremvax.ussr.comm (Yamato T. Yankelovich)
          chongo:  (Landon Curt Noll)

     then the command mkline aliases will produce:

          UUCP-Postmasters:tron,chongo yamato

     As an example of using mkline to compress  mailing  lists,  consider  the
     mailing list:

          tron@namei.uucp,     # Ronald S. Karr
          yamato@kremvax.ussr.comm                # Yamato T. Yankelovich
               # Landon Curt Noll
          Wilt . (the Stilt) Chamberlain@NBA.US   # RFC822 doc example

     The command mkline -l applied to this list will produce:




     mksort(8), mkdbm(8), smail(5), smail(8), pathalias(8).

     Copyright(C)1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
     Copyright(C)1992 Ronald S. Karr
     See a file COPYING, distributed with the source code, or type  smail  -bc
     for distribution rights and restrictions associated with this software.