savelog - cycle and truncate log files

     /usr/lib/smail/savelog [ -m mode ] [ -u user ] [ -g group ] [ -c cycle ]
     [ -t ] [ -l ] logfile

     The savelog command renames and optionally  compresses  a  log  file  and
     cycles it through a set of names based on the original log file, removing
     the last name in the cycle.

     The savelog command accepts the following options:

     -m mode
          Change the permissions mode for  renamed  log  files  to  mode.   By
          default the mode is unchanged.

     -u user
          Change the owner for renamed log files  to  user.   By  default  the
          owner is unchanged.

     -g group
          Change the group for renamed log files to  group.   By  default  the
          group is unchanged.

     -c cycle
          Save cycle versions of the logfile, where cycle is a decimal number.
          The default value is 7.

     -l   Do not compress log files.  By default,  a  compression  program  is
          used, if one is available.

     -t   Ensure that a new logfile  exists  when  the  savelog  operation  is
          complete.  Use of -m, -u or -g imply this, ensuring that the logfile
          will have the designated mode.

     The given logfile is cycled through files named:


     where file is the basename for the logfile and where number ranges from 0
     to  one  less  then  the  cycle count specified for the command.  The OLD
     dirctory is created, as necessary, and is under the same directory as the
     logfile itself.

     This cycle operation is accomplished by renaming the file numbered cycle-
     2  to  a  file  numbered  cycle-1  and so on until the file numbered 0 is
     renamed to the file numbered 1.  If compression is being used, the  first
     cycle file is compressed after being renamed to cycle 1.  After the cycle
     files are moved through the various names, the filefile itself  is  moved
     to  the cycle 0 file.  This cycle normally occurs once every time savelog
     is executed.  If the log file does not exist, savelog ignores it and does
     not cycle the OLD files.

     If compression is being used, then compressed  log  files  will  have  an
     additional suffix appropriate for the compression program that is used.

     smail(5) and smail(8).

     Copyright(C)1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
     Copyright(C)1992 Ronald S. Karr
     See a file COPYING, distributed with the source code, or type  smail  -bc
     for distribution rights and restrictions associated with this software.