set_net_default - select the default TCP/IP network

     set_net_default sample-device

     Set_net_default selects the default network to use of  one  of  the  four
     networks  a Minix system can be connected to.  One can choose between two
     different ethernet networks and two different pseudo IP networks that can
     be used to make a connection over a serial line.

     The sample-device is the name of one of the network devices  in  /dev  to
     use  as the default network.  This device and devices for other protocols
     for the same network will be linked to the default device names  for  the
     network.   The network utilities access the default network through these
     devices, unless a different device is chosen by  setting  an  environment
     variable, or a by a command line switch.

  Options and environment to change the default
     Many TCP/IP programs implement  the  following  options  and  environment
     variables  to  change  the  default  devices set by set_net_default.  The
     options are only implemented for low level programs where it makes  sense
     to  name  a  network  device.   The environment variables are used in all
     code.  You can run  a  process  and  all  its  children  connected  to  a
     different network by setting four environment variables.

     -E device
          Device to  use  as  raw  ethernet  device  instead  of  the  default

     -P device
          Pseudo IP device to use instead of /dev/psip.

     -I device
          IP device to use instead of /dev/ip.

     -T device
          TCP device to use.

     -U device
          UDP device to use.


     /dev/eth[01]      First and second raw ethernet.

     /dev/psip[01]     First and second Pseudo IP network.

     /dev/ip[0123]     IP  devices  for  two  ethernets  and  two  Pseudo   IP

     /dev/tcp[0123]    TCP devices for same four networks.

     /dev/udp[0123]    UDP devices.

     /dev/eth, /dev/psip, /dev/ip, /dev/tcp, /dev/udp
                       Devices for the default network, links to  the  devices
                       above.  Eth is only present if ethernet is the default,
                       psip only for pseudo IP.

     ip(4), boot(8).

     Kees J. Bot (