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This directory contains software that is destined to become part of the
next distribution.  Those interested may try it now.  The contents of each
.TAZ file is packaged relative to /usr/, so 'setup /usr' will install the
files in the proper places.  Run 'make clean' in the affected directories
and 'make install'.

SH.TAZ      - Fixes to the code handling "here documents" (<.  The result should work
	      better with configure scripts.  Replaces sh.h and sh[345].c
	      in src/commands/sh/.

GREP.TAZ    - Fix that limits grep to simpler regexps as it should be by
	      Michael Haardt.  Also replaces src/commands/simple/Makefile
	      to add a rule to link 'grep' to 'egrep'.  Replaces Makefile
	      and grep.c in src/commands/simple/.

Both of the above changes have been tested by recompiling a 16-bit Minix
system, so the changed shell works for that basic task.