Minix 2.0.2 under DOS

The DOSMINIX.ZIP file contains Minix version 2.0.2, a small educational UNIX-like system for IBM PC's and compatibles. This version of the software can be run under DOS. Other variants of Minix can be found at

Installation of Minix to run under DOS is a nonevent. Chances are, you are reading this manual page from an already running Minix system, but if not then the setup goes like this:

Unpack the DOSMINIX.ZIP file using one of the popular ZIP utilities, such as PKZIP or WinZip. Next reboot Windows and hit F8 just when you see the "Booting Windows" message. From the menu that appears choose "Command prompt only", or if that doesn't work "Safe mode command prompt only". Move to the directory containing the Minix files and type:

	boot minix.mnx
Type '=' and presto, you are running Minix. The next step is to read the installation manual pages, usage(8) and dosminix(8), to finish the little details involved with a proper installation of a UNIX-like system, such as the host name, the time zone you live in, etc. So log in as root (all powerful user) or bin (owner of the Minix source) and use the man(1) command to see the manual pages:
	man usage

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