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Suggestions on installing Minix on a machine with little memory.

The file TINYROOT is a small replacement for the ROOT image that is
needed if your machine has only one floppy drive and less than 2
megabytes of memory.  You can use it to boot your machine, but you
should use ROOT for the installation if you can.

If your floppy drive is only 360 kb then have to use TINYROOT for ROOT,
and TINYUSR1 for USR.  You will see a few things fail ("sleep: not found"),
but that's not critical.  TINYUSR1 doesn't have enough programs for the
'setup /usr' stage, so you will have to install TINYUSR2 before halting
the system as setup suggests.  TINYUSR2 also contains the kernel image
used for TINYROOT in the tmp directory that you can put into /minix/.
So when 'setup' suggests that you type 'halt' do this instead:

	mount /dev/fd0 /fd0		# Mount TINYUSR2
	cpdir -v /fd0 /usr		# Add its contents to /usr
	umount /dev/fd0			# Take TINYUSR2 out of the drive
	mount /dev/c0d0p1s2 /root	# Mount the hard disk root (c0d0p1s2??)
	cp -p /usr/tmp/* /root/minix	# Copy the kernel image in place
	halt				# Continue where you left off

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