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MINIX is a UNIX clone that is available with source code.  The subdirectories
here relate to MINIX in one way or another.  None of them contain the MINIX
source code, which is copyright (see demo/Announcement for information on how
to obtain it).  All the files in these subdirectories are copyright, but may
be uploaded, used, and duplicated for educational and research purposes.  Other
use requires written permission.  Please contact me for details.

This directory contains the following subdirectories:

	demo:		Contains an uploadable demo disk for MINIX
	ANSI-compilers:	ANSI C compilers for Minix 1.5
	monitor-1.5:	Old boot monitor that works with Minix 1.5

Each subdirectory contains a READ_ME file describing it in detail.  A file
named foobar.Z is a compressed version of foobar.  If you think MINIX is a
toy and you want a REAL operating system, look for Amoeba.  

Andy Tanenbaum (