pathmerge - merge sorted paths files

     /usr/lib/smail/pathmerge file ...

     Pathmerge takes a set of sorted path files, as produced by  pathalias(8),
     and  generates  on  the  standard output a merge of the path information,
     with one path given for each hostname.  Precedence for paths goes to  the
     files  given earlier in the argument list.  One of the filenames given in
     the argument list can be - to specify the standard input.

     As an example of the use of pathmerge, let's say that we have two  files,
     forces and paths, whose contents are, respectively:

          ihnp4    cbosgd!ihnp4!%s
          muts12   muts12!%s
          sun      sun!%s


          cbosgd   cbosgd!%s
          ihnp4    ihnp4!%s
          sun      ames!sun!%s
          uunet    uunet!%s

     The command ``pathmerge forces  paths''  will  produce  on  the  standard

          cbosgd   cbosgd!%s
          ihnp4    cbosgd!ihnp4!%s
          muts12   muts12!%s
          sun      sun!%s
          uunet    uunet!%s

     For the purposes of pathmerge, a  hostname  is  terminated  by  either  a
     space,  a  tab,  a  colon  or a newline.  The number of file arguments is
     limited by the number of available file descriptors, as all of the  files
     are opened and read simultaneously.

     mkline(8),  mksort(8),  mkdbm(8),  smail(5),  smail(8),  mkpath  (8)  and

     Copyright(C)1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
     Copyright(C)1992 Ronald S. Karr
     See a file COPYING, distributed with the source code, or type  smail  -bc
     for distribution rights and restrictions associated with this software.