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Minix 1.7.0
This directory and subdirectories contains MINIX version 1.7.0, a small
UNIX-like system for IBM PC's and compatibles.

This version beta test software, as it contains a lot of new code that
has only been run by a small number of people.  You have been warned.
Please send any bug reports to the person named below.

You can find the following files in this tree:

  cat.tar.Z		- Manual pages in formatted form (avoid!)
  crc.c			- Command to make CRC checksums
  crclist		- CRC's of all these files
  i86/			- /usr - 8086 binaries
  i386/			- /usr - 386 binaries
  man.tar.Z		- Manual pages (use these if you can!)
  src/			- /usr/{include,src,man}

  ROOT    USR		- Installation floppies images, 600 kb each
  USR.01  USR.02	- /usr images made by this command:
  USR.03  USR.04		tar cf - * | compress | vol 720 /dev/fd0
  TINYROOT		- Needed for an XT or an AT with little memory.  It
			  is an extra, you need ROOT too.

  SRC.01  SRC.02	- /usr/include, /usr/src, /usr/man
  SRC.03  SRC.04
  SRC.05  SRC.06
  SRC.07  SRC.08

The installation manual can be found in the manual tree as usage.8.  On a
UNIX machine you can unpack man.tar.Z and use the command

	man -M minix-man-dir <subject>

to read the manual pages.  Getting them printed is up to you.  If you
can't format the manual pages in man.tar.Z then you can use cat.tar.Z
instead.  It contains the same manual pages, but as flat text, with bold
and italic codes removed.

The installation floppies can be combined on a 1.2 Mb or 1.44 Mb
diskette, the other images can be combined on 1.44 Mb floppies:

	cat ROOT USR >/dev/fd0
	cat USR.01 USR.02 >/dev/fd0		(odd, even pairs)
	cat USR.03 USR.04 >/dev/fd0
	cat SRC.01 SRC.02 >/dev/fd0

(The USR.NN and SRC.NN series of images are simply two compressed tar
files that have been broken up in 720 kb pieces.)
"/dev/fd0" is a random floppy device name.  You have to find out what your
Operating System names it today.

Be careful when you install Minix, many of the commands are potentionally
dangerous in a way that a simple typing mistake destroy all other data on
your system.  So make backups first!

						Kees J. Bot (